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Hello! My name is Anton Fenyk and I am a Y13 student at Durham Johnston sixth form. I have developed and uploaded this website as a personal project, to teach online users CAD through Autodesk Inventor. Through the process of making these guides, I have also taught myself advanced methods and techniques in the hopes I can one day use these skills to design passenger aircraft in the future.

As I progress through my A-levels, I hope to improve the quality and features of this website to make it as accurate and helpful as possible. Regular updates will be available, and will add more guides to the site such as: Assembly guides, environments, views, convert to sheet metal and inspection tools. The site itself will be revamped into a more aesthetically pleasing look in a future update.

In terms of other software packages, in the future I will definitely consider adding guides for other CAD software such as: Solidworks, AutoCAD, Sketchup or CATIA, in the hopes it gives you the widest range of CAD skills as possible.

Thank you again for your support and I hope

You enjoy my guide!

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