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Welcome to my 2018 Autodesk Inventor Professional guide! This guide will show you everything you need to know about Autodesk Inventor, from the basics of sketching to the high levels of modelling and testing. Once you have completed these guides, you should be able to create high quality models with ease and develop your skills with CAD.

On the top menu bar, you will be able to find all the guides you need to give you a firm foundation in CAD. It is highly recommended that you go through the guides in the order above, to make sure you understand the methods which will be covered in later guides.

New to Autodesk?

If you are new to Autodesk, I recommend going on the Get Autodesk page of this site and downloading a free version. All system requirements and instructions for the download process are included on the link to the download.

What is Autodesk?

Autodesk is one of many CAD modelling programs available online which let you design, model and develop manufactured products. This modelling software can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from producing prototypes of a new product or creating a full-scale model, and testing it using testing tools available in the software package.

All manufacturing companies of products for the open market use some form of CAD software, whether it's Solidworks, AutoCAD, Sketchup or CATIA. This website will focus on one of the most common modelling software packages used in industry and educational Institutions, being Autodesk Inventor.

Mobile viewing

For users, who view these guides on mobile, I highly recommend rotating the screen to view in horizontal so that it is easier to scroll and read the guides, whilst looking at images. An update will be coming soon, which should provide an enhanced viewing experience and be easier to look at and zoom into images on mobile devices.

Upcoming Updates

(1) Assembly Guide to come out after new layout is complete

(2) Improved mobile version with side navigation bar and auto-alignment

Future Updates

(1) Practice examples and walk throughs, with step-by-step instructions and end results

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